Wolters Kluwer

Marketing Automation…results delivered

Leading Provider of Health Compliance Solutions

In November of 2016, Brandwidth Solutions (BWS) began providing marketing automation assistance to Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S., part of Wolters Kluwer N.V., a global leader in information services and solutions for professionals in the health, tax and accounting, risk and compliance, finance, and legal sectors. BWS worked specifically with the healthcare compliance team.

The Objective

Wolters Kluwer hired BWS to provide marketing automation assistance that could keep the healthcare group’s webinar and sales lead nurturing program on track. BWS leveraged marketing automation to streamline internal manual processes that had been time-consuming and error-prone. Without BWS’s assistance, the webinar program faced suspension and with it, a loss of leads.

The Strategy

Combining the strengths of the BWS Sales Marketing Automation Specialist with Wolters Kluwer’s various software solutions, the webinar program became more automated and efficient.

Using tools such as Go To Webinar, Drupal, Brainshark, Eloqua, and Salesforce.com, Brandwidth was able to create an integrated workflow to automate the creation, delivery, promotion, and reporting for Wolters Kluwer’s busy webinar schedule. Brandwidth identified bottlenecks in the existing process and offered the workflow solution to move the lead-nurturing program forward in a more efficient and automated manner.

The marketing automation program handles a variety of important details, from webinar registration to staging Continuing Education credits, to scheduling targeted email responses based on webinar participants’ actions.

The Results

Since the Wolters Kluwer webinar program began in 2010, it has been proven to be a cost-effective way to build a fully segmented opt-in marketing database. The program has driven more than 44,000 unique contacts to opt in to seven different market sub-segments. This has become a primary high-level funnel-fill marketing tactic for Wolters Kluwer. Through the assistance of BWS, the program has continued and improved where it would have been put on hold without the help.


We reached out to Brandwidth to help us fill in immediate gaps in our tactical implementation when recently managing through growing pains in our marketing group. Specifically, we had a tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone manual process for running our popular educational webinar program that needed immediate support while we pivoted to build new internal processes and transition platforms.  Erika jumped right in, seamlessly and took over the process, allowing us to transition. She asked all the right questions, and never the same question twice. Without her, and Brandwidth, our webinar program would be on hold and we’d be literally thousands of leads behind for the year.”

Mary Starks, Marketing Manager Legal & Regulatory U.S.

“Brandwidth jumped in to a very large ongoing marketing automation project that we were having a great deal of difficulty moving forward. They quickly and skillfully identified our bottlenecks, and nimbly applied thoughtful solutions which accelerated our project, and maximized our leads beyond our expectations. We could not have solved this problem on our own, but in partnership with Brandwidth, we now have a very cost effective solution in place.”

Victoria Lander, Sr. Product Marketing Manager