Flow Data

Launching PADPro for Flow Data

Flow Data, Inc., a provider of wellhead automation solutions to the oil and gas industry since 1997, developed a truly game-changing well site control management system. Brandwidth Solutions took on the challenge to name the product, design its packaging, and develop and execute a launch campaign.

Between July, when the parties first met, and October, when PADPro™ was launched, Brandwidth Solutions:

  • Led the creative naming process. Flow Data branded not only the pad management system as PADPro to leverage the name of its leading PADManager software, but also its industry-first tablet display, PROVue™.
  • Produced a four-page sales brochure, extensive FAQ and two-page fact sheet for lead generation and follow up.
  • Updated Flow Data's website with fresh content, including an all-new PADPro product page and separate pages tailored to oil producers and gas producers.
  • Social Media campaign through dedicated LinkedIn company page and Twitter tweets
  • Coordinated launch activities at the DUG EagleFord and DUG East industry conferences, including press release, editor meetings and a video interview with conference organizers.

Media response to the campaign was terrific, with pick up by oil and gas industry publications and websites as well as local and national media outlets and financial press.


PADPro Campaign Print & Digital

  • PADPro Brochure
  • PADPro FAQ
  • Website Refresh