Enhance Website Traffic Through Google Adwords Campaign

Azlon Plastics creates reusable plastic labware, offering more than 700 products, including beakers, bottles, carboys, wash bottles, and class A and class B cylinders and burettes. Azlon turned to Brandwidth Solutions to increase its presence in the US market. Along with creating a website, BWS worked closely with Google to build Azlon an optimized Google Adwords campaign.

The optimization included breaking out specific pages to be represented in the campaign. This allows people to go directly to the page the want to look at without having to go through the home page. The optimization also included combing through Adwords’ search terms and taking out words that do not fully relate to Azlon, targeting by location, and two different campaign groups to target potential clients.

The results:

  • Azlon’s site has a continuing increase of traffic to the page
  • Azlon’s Google Analytics show the number one entrance to their page is through their Adwords campaign
  • Increased phone calls to Azlon based on the ad
  • Excellent positioning on search pages

To keep fresh eyes on an account Google switches your account to a different strategist every so often. The strategist then goes through the account and discusses with you possible changes to optimize the account further. When Azlon’s account changed strategists the feedback was that the Adwords campaign was developed so well that there were not a lot of tweaks to the campaign that he could suggest.

“The Brandwidth Solutions process really amazed us. They completed a responsive design website and developed a North American version of our product catalog all within a month. In addition, they put together a strategic plan to help drive leads for our distributor network for both the clinical and life science laboratory markets by the end of September 2014. Within the first month of the website and campaign we had over 900 visitors to our new website.”

Russell Blood, Commercial Manager Plastics & OEM, SciLabware Ltd.