Regis Technologies

An Extension of the Marketing Team

Regis Technologies, a provider of synthesis and separation services for the pharmaceutical industry, worked exclusively with Brandwidth Solutions to build the company's brand and grow sales. The Brandwidth Solutions team immersed itself in Regis's marketing function, partnering to develop brand guidelines. From there, Brandwidth developed and executed a number of campaigns that significantly exceeded expectations.

Apples to Apples

Brandwidth generated a 35% improvement in sales for new RegisCell™ and RegisPack™ chiral columns with an integrated "Apples to Apples" campaign featuring sales sheet, direct mail, landing page, print and banner advertisements, and tradeshow graphics and giveaway.

"Brandwidth Solutions developed our most successful marketing campaign ever to launch a new product. We had a 35% improvement in sales over our projected target! Without the skills, execution and marketing expertise at Brandwidth, we would not have achieved this.

The Brandwidth team created a great theme that was carried out through the right mix of electronic advertising, dedicated web page, print advertising, sell sheets and trade show collateral and give-aways. Our customers are still talking about it. That campaign put our product right on the map."
Francis Mannerino, Director of Chromatography, Regis Technologies


Brandwidth Solutions increased sales of D-Luciferin 827% the first year and 300% the second year with an integrated "Firefly" campaign featuring sales literature, direct mail, landing page, print and banner ads.

"Brandwidth (Solutions) helped us maximize our Google Ad Word campaign when we launched Luciferin. The developed an integrated microsite, sales sheet and advertising that captured the attention of our audience. Despite increased competition and downward pressure on pricing, we have increased sales and profits, with 827% increase in sales in the first year of the campaign and a 300% increase in the second-year sales. Brandwidth's expertise was instrumental in delivering these results"
Scott Mohler, Manager Business Development, Regis Technologies, Inc.


Apples to Apples Campaign

Firefly Luciferin Campaign

Branding Guidelines

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Print Collateral

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