State-of-the-Art Organization in Need of a State-of-the-Art Website

The Drug, Chemical & Associated Technologies Association (DCAT) powers relationships and industry knowledge for companies engaged in the business of pharmaceutical development and manufacturing. By providing programs, events and services, DCAT assists its 400+ global corporate members in expanding their network of customers, suppliers and colleagues in the industry.

DCAT Value Chain Insights (VCI) is an online weekly newsletter delivering readers the latest need-to-know information to help users keep pace with a dynamic marketplace.

The Objective

To create an upgraded website that would improve the visitor’s experience, allow for the sale of advertising space, and improve the VCI image and visibility as an industry-leading resource.

The Challenges

  • Existing site was not responsive to multiple, growing user platforms
  • Hosting organization was outdated, unresponsive
  • Content was not easily uploaded or updated
  • Low visual appeal
  • Difficulties managing tables of technical information
  • Couldn’t monetize the site with online advertising
  • Create responsive design for multiple user platforms
  • To continually update the site’s content with all the new articles during site development to stay up to date during production and going forward
  • Address an outdated, unresponsive hosting organization
  • Ability to sell and manage online advertisements
  • To improve visual appeal by incorporating images into articles
  • Managing tables of technical information

The Strategy

  • Upgrade the VCI website to improve the end-user experience utilizing responsive design focusing on UX/UI (User Experience and User Interface) protocol
  • Develop new, state-of-the-art look and feel integrating images and graphics
  • Pull articles in batches to keep the site up to date while the new site was developed
  • Install "Ad Manager" plugin to make it easy for the client to change out ads
  • Provide ad specifications for the development of an advertising media kit
  • Create image placeholders for those articles without images that could easily be swapped out at a later date
  • Create a table template to improve the management of data
  • Deliver site to the client to "practice" site management prior to the site launch. This enabled the client to be up and running as soon as the new site was introduced

Results: A New Look and Improved Functionality

A dynamic, user-friendly, website that improves the overall user experience while also improving the client’s ability to better manage the backend of the site.